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1Language of Football Empty Language of Football on Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:14 am


Aq tak reti nak translate kepada Bahasa Melayu, so faham2 je la.

Attacking Intelligence
How well a striker can position himself or evade the attentions of his marker, it's what Konami simplifies to "Attack". A player with a lot of attacking intelligence will be good at breaking the offside trap, score from dangerous position as a cause of postional sense and will be classed as a poacher. Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Pipo Inzaghi and David Trezeguet are all examples of such a player.

Tough Tackler
How much strength a player puts into a tackle, but you have to remember that this doesn't make a player a decent tackler. It just makes him a strong tackler. A strong tackler will normally bring a player down to the floor when he tackles, not neccessarily fouling the other player. Players like Steve Sidwell or Gennaro Gattuso are tough-tackling players and this is an area that is exclusively covered by the Balance stat

Used to describe tackles or runs into the box. Now if a player "times his tackles well" it means that he wins the ball by going for it at an appropriate time. Well, let me explain it in another way. When a player goes in for a tackle before the player has got close enough to him, or after the player has got past him. That's mistiming a tackle. So the opposite is to time it well and win it effectively, without fouling the player. An example of this? Look at that tackle Bobby Moore made in the 1970 World Cup Final, it's possibly the greatest example of timing you'll ever see.
When used to say that a player "times his runs properly", it's a similar situation. Except that the player is trying to time his run properly to score, to get on the end of a cross or pass at the right moment.

So how does it come into stat-making? Well, l It's an area which is covered by the Response stat.

Dangerous Crosses
Now this is dependent on the player, a dangerous cross can either be a piercingly accurate one or a powerfully struck one. You need to read into the player itself to understand this. For example, Martin Petrov is a dangerous crosser, but that's due to him thumping the ball at a 60 mph when in a crossing position. So this can either be related to the Long Pass Accuracy stat or the Long Pass Speed stat.

This is normally a term used to describe a player who is determined, not afraid to go into a tackle, rather tough and strong and hard-working. It's a word that was coined when describing the typical "British" player, an example of this kind of player would be Terry Butcher or Tony Adams, although a modern example would be likened to John Terry or Nemanja Vidic. This is word covers two specific areas; Balance & Mentality.

A word used to describe a particularly powerful shot from distance. This is covered by the Shot Power attribute, although a player who does this frequently will probably have or deserve the Middle Shooting stat too.

Goal Hanger
Another word coined for poacher-esque players, they hang around the opposition box in an effort to win the ball and to be quickest to react to scoring a goal. Players like this include, once again, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Pipo Inzaghi. This is an area that will be covered by a low value for Defence. However, you want to be careful when evaluating a player in this area. Because all poachers are goal-hangers, but not all goal-hangers are poachers Wink

Reading of the Game/Anticipation
I would like you all to note that having a decent reading of the game is not a seperate entity, it is simply a buzz-word. Another word used to describe how quick a player reacts or, more specifically, how quickly a player thinks and then reacts. So simply, it's a case of reacting quickly. A player who reads the game well will often be described as "anticipating 2-3 moves ahead of other players", and players like this include Paolo Maldini, Bobby Moore and even Daniele Bonera! This is an area covered by the Response stat, but I'd also like to note that if a player reacts quickly, he'll also put himself into decent positions. So you could say that this stat works in tandem (or concert if you will) with the Defence stat, that both co-exist together but are still different acts.

Nothing to do with signing. If a player is vocal, then he tends to command/organise other players. Now there is some dispute about what areas affect this stat. For defenders it is argued that Team Work can affect it more than D-Line control, now this is due to the effects of D-Line control. Teams that have defenders with this Special ability, will be more likely to perform the offside trap. And with players like David Wheater, who are very vocal, you don't want that. However, raising Team Work too high would also have another flaw, because you'll find that with some players that they are "vocal", but don't have the greatest understanding with their defenders. And so when it comes to this area, you don't want to rate Team Work too highly. This is a lot easier to rate for Keepers, it's just Team Work. D-Line Control has no effect whatsoever on keepers.

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