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Definition of a Goalkeeper (IMPORTANT)

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1Definition of a Goalkeeper (IMPORTANT) Empty Definition of a Goalkeeper (IMPORTANT) on Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:23 am


Saya x tau nk translate kpada Bahasa Melayu, so harap2 korang faham la.. Ni penting agar stats yg kita buat tu realistic...

Definiton of a GK

just a qucik, small explantion. nothing detailled.just to bring you my way of thinking closer

as most have noticed, I'm now on another way in rating goalkeepers. I think it's a mix of old PSD standards and the konami defintion of it and I have developed my own defintion. I must honestly say that I am now the sets of Konami use as a base. test them and then change the things, I do not like.

the big three


We have defense last rates as the pure positional sense of a goalkeeper. in my eyes it`s one point. but defense is the main ability of a goalkeeper in his overall play. it is also the positional play but it is also how quickly it returns to the legs, if he has foiled a chance. as it reduces the angle. When he comes out at a corner or a cross. It is the control of the penalty area. because we must also note its teamwork, because the counts in the control of the penalty area as well, but defense has the larger effect.

it is the combined total denfensive behavior. the higher the value the more likely he knows what he has done. makes decisions better and above all, he decides quickly (a point that was previously assessed with response). in the end you can see the defintion here just as the defintion of a field player.


in the first line it's about how good a goalkeeper catches the ball. But there is more than that It is can he clear the balls in general. that is, if he catches the ball does not, then he parried the ball so that no second chance comes about. He punches the ball far out. He is in a position to get the ball out of the box or is therethat it conmes to corners and did so ""create" second chances for the strikers He tried to catch a lot but can often drop balls. He preferred to catch or punch. There are GKs who don`t like to catch the balls but know that they've got problems and punch a lot. but if they do it very well, this may also have a high gk-skills value because it demonstrates that security. can parry the ball cleanly and don´t bring his own defense and himself in new difficult situations.


I am now of the opinion we have taken response too much important in the past. I have no explicit declaration of konami. But if something like this a little look around the internet on various sites and also with the values ​​of the response plays, you have to reduce it in the end just to the reflexive and no more. We used much more small things to involved them into response, what is in the end but rather to defense. So if I test goalkeepers with values ​​from 50-99 in response, is what strikes me again and again only the reflex quickness. and reflexes is the first what a goalkeeper learn. but with a higher defensive value, the goalkeeper behaves intelligently and that makes it easier for him even without the excellent reflexes to parry a difficult ball. buffon is probably the best example for it. not live by reflexes like Neuer for example but overcome certainly very difficult.


I prefer just the konami defintion now. It has no great effect when higher values ​​are goalkeepers. janot and mandanda are goalkeepers who moving really fast and are agile. But all in all it probably makes a bigger difference how much is worth. goalkeeper with a high green value are work finer, because if he is worth a yellow that does not really change something. I think that konami has created a solid area. virtually hidden. at what point is nothing changes. Test Janot with a jump value of 85 and 95 and I swear, there is no difference.
It looks like konami rated by height. small GKs have a high jump and high agility , big Gks the opposite and quite honestly, in the end it seems like it would work so easily. I also evaluated agility easy as a fielder.


aggression is the only value that affects how often a goalkeeper comes out. how good he is is also influenced by defensive. aggression reflects just the frequency but not the quality again. So is aggression for quantity and quality for the defensive. There are a small number of GKs who have a fielplayer attitude, represent how thy act outside the box. the goalkeeper can be evaluated in attack instead of 30, with 35 or 40. has no big effect but at least a little visible in special situations that do not occur frequently especially in pes


is just rated the same way as at a fieldplayer. while teamwork also have the influence of the communication and coordination with the defense.

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